New Skills: New challenges

Gait Training Video

We have seen Will move his legs forward, at times bending his knees at the proper time in the gait sequence. This is progress! He wasn’t able to do this until recently. If you look at the video closely, you can see he needs to be held up and also needs supportive ankle orthotics.

We are headed back to Philadelphia next week and I have asked to meet with our beloved physical therapist. We will have his legs casted and orthotics will be made for him. Also, I’d like to pick her brain about assistive devices that we can use at home to challenge Will (gait trainers or gait trainer/standers). He has shown us some new tricks, let’s see what we can do with some more practice. We are upping the ante on PT…if we need to go to Philadelphia to get what we need to help Will, we will. I’m not taking ‘you won’t be able to get that here’ for an answer again.

Click on the underlined links to see some videos of Will.

Treadmill walking


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