Ready for Fall

Is there a better time of year than fall? Some would say the first snowfall is their favorite; and while there is something romantic about the first snowfall, it just isn’t as renewing as a bright, brisk fall day.  I love every season, but fall is my favorite. I love watching the first sign of flurries but am always sad to see the beautiful leaves hidden by a blanket of snow.  

After a hot summer, I welcome the relief of humidity and find comfort again during outdoor runs that seemed harder just weeks prior. For me, there is that urge to train more often because snow impedes outdoor running and cycling.

As a mom and a nurse, fall reminds me of the illnesses associated with the upcoming months. RSV, parainfluenza, influenza, croup…it’s coming. I’m starting to see youngsters affected by respiratory illnesses at work. It’s a reminder that we all need to do a better job at preventing the spread of respiratory illnesses by washing hands, covering coughs, staying home when feeling ill, and vaccinating if possible. 

Here’s the thing: For our most vulnerable population, less kisses! No kisses to the hands, or face during flu season. Doesn’t that make sense?! It’s so hard to old back a kiss when you’re grandma or grandpa or adoring Aunties. Everyone loves to kiss babies and toddlers. It’s a trap! Keep your precious loved ones safe and kiss them in the spring.

Remember, you’re contagious and spreading some viruses before you realize you have one!

Written with love,

Will’s mommy


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